Our mission: All services are designed to support student wellness through free and confidential counseling to SPU undergraduate students, and offering support to the SPU community by way of consultation, referrals, and campus engagement.

We strive to provide all services with compassion, respect, and sensitivity to the uniqueness of each concern and diversity of each student. The SCHW is welcoming and inclusive of all students. This includes students of any race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, ability, gender identity, and sexual identity.

Students seeking mental health support may access the Patient Portal (above) at any time to schedule* their initial consultation appointment, message their provider, complete intake forms, and more. Students with an urgent need during business hours should come directly to the Center or call the front desk for a same-day appointment. After hours crisis resources are provided under the Immediate Support tab.

*Online self-scheduling is only available during the academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters).

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If you are a currently enrolled SPU undergraduate student, we invite you to schedule an appointment:

We are staffed by professional licensed counselors, a registered dietician, professional graduate student interns and professional counseling externs.

After-Hour Crisis Support

SPU Safety and Security

  • 206-281-2911

King County 24-hour crisis line

  • 866-467-3219
  • TDY 206-461-3610

Internship & Externship Opportunities

Intern Announcement (pdf)

Extern Announcement (pdf)

Services we offer


Individual counseling

Short-term individual counseling helps you gain a better understanding of any concerns and difficulties. These insights are then translated into plans for action that you can carry out in your daily life.

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Relationship counseling

Counseling isn’t just for individuals. We also provide counseling for couples, families, friends, etc. Only one member of the family or couple needs to
be an undergraduate SPU student to be eligible for services.

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Group Therapy

Groups vary from year to year, but often include support for families and individuals struggling with substance abuse, for survivors of sexual assault, or
for other situations where mutual accountability and encouragement can help bring healing, coping skills, and positive growth.

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Nutritional counseling

You’ll find counseling and dietetic support in partnership with SPU’s Student Health Services.

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